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Elementary School 

Room Representative

Deadline: Friday, 9/18/20

Are you interested in being involved in your child’s classroom parties or field day?

Here’s your chance!


Room RepresentativeWork together with another Room Rep to come up with ideas and execute them together for three holiday parties - Halloween (October),  Holiday (December) and Valentine’s Day (February). For grades PK - 4th.

**Attending (to) ALL 3  parties is a requirement and no younger children can attend with you.

Field Day: Assist the class with the end-of-year Field Day event. For grades K - 4th.


Please check ONLY one rep option.  Keep in mind if you sign up for any of these options, your child’s classroom is counting on you. You will receive an email informing you if you have been chosen and for which child’s classroom.

*** Parties/field day/rep responsibilities may differ this year based on current local covid restrictions and guidelines.

Please list each child you are interested in being Room Rep for (#1 being the classroom wanted most).  


Please complete the form below & click "submit".

Please submit forms by

Friday, September 18th!

Thank you for your consideration!

Tarryne Marchione
Room Rep Committee Chairperson

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