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Online check Requests and Reimbursements

In an attempt to streamline our reimbursement procedure, we are switching from an online submission form to an email submission. This will be a one step process (be sure to include or attach your receipts to the email).


For check requests and reimbursements, email your reimbursement request to

Be sure to include the following:

SUBJECT LINE:                         "Check Req: (Your Name) (Event) (Request Date)"

EMAIL BODY:                            Your full name and mailing address

                                                   Event Name and Date (if class party, please list the teacher name & grade)

                                                   Total Reimbursement Request (do not include the sales tax in your total)

                                                   Any other pertinent information

INCLUDE OR ATTACH:           picture(s) or .pdf(s) of your receipt(s)

If we have any questions on your submission, we will reply to your email.

If you have a large expense that can be paid by credit card, please email us at

Important Information

  • Please do not request reimbursement for sales tax. Use our tax exempt letter (link to it below) at stores to avoid paying Sales Tax. We cannot legally reimburse you for sales tax even if you pay it. If you submit a request which includes Sales Tax it will be subtracted from your total amount with no notification.

  • You must scan or photograph your receipts into a legible digital file and upload them along with your check request or your reimbursement will be significantly delayed. Please do not dispose of your receipt or invoice once you have submitted it until you receive reimbursement, or you risk not being paid if there is a problem with your electronic attachment.

  • Once submitted, you can expect a check in 3 weeks or less depending on bank processing and mail delivery.

Scan or photograph receipts/invoices and attach electronically here:

Accepted file types: jpg, png, pdf.

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