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Save the Date


We are currently looking for Pleasantdale families to represent their country of origin at this event. This is a fun and exciting way to showcase your country and give others the opportunity to learn all about your interesting and unique culture.

We would be really grateful for your participation and support in making this event a great one again! The kids love learning about all of the different cultures of their fellow students, so we hope to see your country represented! 


If interested in participating or if you have any questions, please contact our Co-Chairpersons:
Arlene Cabana  /
Tarryne Marchione /

Becky Walters /


You can use the form or the below link to sign up for your country:

Cultural Night SignUp Genius

Sign Up for Cultural Night

Thank you!

COVID Safety Considerations & Precautions

We are currently in the process of discussing whether to hold this event in-person or virtually. Please know that the health and safety of our students, parents, teachers and staff are of the utmost priority to the PTO and that this decision will be based on thorough research and an in-depth analysis of current and future safety guidelines and in-school/community metrics. If we decide to hold this event in-person, we will do so with the strictest and most current guidelines in place and with the intention of fully pivoting to a virtual event if the metrics and guidelines warrant so at a later time.

Minimum Safety Considerations Based on Current Data & Guidelines

  • All participants will be required to wear masks.

  • All tables will be at least 4-6 feet apart.

  • Only one group is allowed to visit each table at a time, and the group must consist of household/family members.

  • Hand sanitizer use is strongly recommended between table visits.

  • Food consumption is NOT allowed indoors at the school.

  • We strongly recommend that individuals who aren’t of the same household/family NOT congregate on school property.

Food Restrictions
In an effort to limit the possibility of Coronavirus spread,
we will be implementing some restrictions.
No home-made food or baked items will be allowed. Take-home items that will be allowed:
1) Store bought  baked goods and food items
(must be individually wrapped in original manufacture packaging) 
2) Bakery bought items that have been individually wrapped by the bakery.  
3) Store-bought single serving sized take home drinks.  
Please ensure that all items have an ingredient list.

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